QIZHI- the quest of the essence

With steadfast belief, QIZHI team spent more than two years experimenting various textures with concrete-based material. Established in Tainan, the cultural capital of Taiwan, by the end of 2013, QIZHI ponders on daily life in the perspective of slow-living, explores the essence of material, and continuously develops new texture experience. QIZHI objects are handmade, one of a kind.

QIZHI values the precious hand-made process just as the backer kneading dough, the craftsman casting metal, or the carpenter carving wood. During the laboring process, QIZHI believes that artisans repeatedly examine themselves and overcome numerous difficulties—the earnest attitude toward life. QIZHI hopes that each hand-made object not only delivers the essence of objects and experience of new texture but accompanies all who live earnestly.

# studio Mission

Beauty exists in the contrasting light and shadow of the cast-in-place concrete under the sun. The one of a kind texture, surface voids, tones, and tactile impression of the concrete are captivating. QIZHI believes that the above allure, not limited to architecture, could be seamlessly interpreted in daily life, delivery to you.

# The adventurer of material and the sophisticated poet

With concrete as the fundamental element, QIZHI focuses on the experience of new material. Sometimes, it takes a courageous yet tender heart to face daily challenges with humble attitude and envision new horizon. Through over 2000 testing samples, the texture recipes with QIZHI characteristics were gradually established and applied to varied objects. Developed by the end of 2014, the “thin section” concrete technique led to the birth of the delicate Meditation concrete notebook. QIZHI expects ourselves to be the material adventurer and sophisticated poet.

Be true to thine own self; the quest of the essence.

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